Friday, March 18, 2016

"Should We Fire Him for That Post?"Commentary by Moritz in Harvard Business Review

Reprinting BrownWinick's recent announcement regarding my commentary in Harvard Business Review:

The March edition of the Harvard Business Review ("HBR") features expert commentary by BrownWinick employment law attorney, Megan Erickson Moritz, in response to the magazine's monthly Case Study.

HBR's fictional Case Studies pose challenges faced by real business leaders, with solutions and analysis from experts in response - usually featuring two different viewpoints.

HBR invited Moritz to provide her response to the March 2016 Case Study: Should We Fire Him for That Post? This Case Study features a small business owner's reaction to an employee's questionable Facebook remarks. Moritz was one of two industry experts providing featured commentary.  

The print edition of the HBR is available on newsstands, and the Case Study and Commentary is available online here. Clients who would like a complimentary copy of the HBR Case Study and Moritz's Commentary are welcome to e-mail BrownWinick's Marketing Coordinator, Debi Bull to request a copy. Megan may be contacted at