Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Connecticut Employer Settles Facebook Firing Case With NLRB

Yikes. My apologies for the massive delay since my last couple posts. Speaking of my last couple posts . . . remember that time American Medical Response of Connecticut fired an employee after she complained about her boss on Facebook? Shortly after the termination, the NLRB’s Hartford regional office issued a complaint against AMR, alleging the firing violated federal labor law. According to the complaint, the employee’s online comments constituted protected activity.  The complaint also alleged that the company's policies addressing online communications were overly broad.  Yesterday, the NLRB announced the case has been settled.  (Fun fact:  not only did the NLRB issue a press release, it also tweeted the update!)

To review a few considerations employers may want to take into account, you may want to revisit my blog post, "Social Media Policies for Employers:  A Few Notes on the NLRA."

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