Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Networking Lawyers! JD Supra & LinkedIn Announce New "Legal Updates" Feature

JD Supra announced a joint effort with LinkedIn to launch "Legal Updates," described as:
"the first and only application specifically created to distribute legal content (and help lawyers connect with the right people) on the world's largest professional network."
LinkedIn is a professional networking website, and JD Supra users create online portfolios to share content. The collaborative application lets LinkedIn users install the Legal Updates news feed of legal content from JD Supra. This new tool allows users to better target their relevant audiences - the feeds are customizable, allowing users to sign up for information related to specific subjects or industries (real estate, employment, etc.) or for feeds from particular sources (individuals, law firms, etc.).

The announcement sums up the power of this resource well, saying this new tool allows "targeted delivery of useful legal information to professionals across the LinkedIn network..."

Keep your eye on this new networking application, already being touted as a "game changer in the online dissemination and marketing of legal work"!

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