Thursday, May 6, 2010

Erickson's Social Networking Law Blog Facebook Page

Erickson's Social Networking Law Blog just launched its official Facebook Page! (These used to be called "Facebook Fan Pages," but apparently, now the cool kids are just calling them "Facebook Pages." Like when Ricky Schroder became Rick Schroder.)

It's brand new, so please feel free to send me any suggestions you may have for improvements. If you visit the page, please consider showing your support by clicking the "Like" button! (This, too, has changed. Users used to become "Fans" of Pages . . . well, they actually became "Fans" of "Fan Pages" . . . but now, rather than selecting "Become a Fan," users connect to pages by clicking the "Like" button. This is among the most recent of Facebook's continued changes to formatting and privacy controls -- the propriety/implications of which may be the subject of a future blog post. In the meantime, I may have qualified for the world's longest parenthetical award.)

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